Monday, March 15, 2010

Back Again!

Hi all! We had a great trip last week and I want to thank all of you who came by and supported Erin and Guinevere with their posts and reviews. And, thanks ladies for posting!

I have decided that when I am on vacation I don't read. I always take books with me but never seem to read much if any. Especially when traveling with a child that needs entertaining.

So my question for this Monday (just to get some conversation going on here again!) is: Do you read on vacation? If so how and when do you find the time?

Oh and be sure to come back for our contest winners announcement later this week!


I'm Erin said...

I read every night. Vacation or not. Right as I go to bed. Sometimes it's just a page if I'm exhausted...but most of the time it's a lot more.

Carrie said...

what's a vacation? I keep hearing about people having those. I want in on their secrets!!!! ;)

Sara said...

Not much. Usually only in the car if we are driving or on the airplane if we are flying. But I also don't have kids and my husband loves to read, too, so I don't have too much to stop me!

Ratliffs said...

Since the kids usually have the dvd player going during long car trips, my husband and I usually plan our vacation reading together! That way whoever is not driving can be reading! We've done this since we got married and really enjoy it. But other than that, I can hardly squeeze in time to read when I'm not on vacation, so it really doesn't stand a chance. Unless children's books count... :)

Randi said...

I haven't been on a lot of vacations, but I usually take a book with me on quick trips out of town and dont end up reading much because I am too busy, but I like to read in the car. If the kids are sleeping it makes it easier.