Aubrey Avalon

Aubrey loves to read.  She can't ever remember a time when reading wasn't part of her life, whether it was snuggling up with her mother to read a book before bed, devouring books for library summer reading programs, or required reading for school.  When she got her degree in Elementary Education from BYU she re-discovered her love for children's literature, especially the young adult genre. 


Guinevere has loved reading ever since she was old enough to figure out that letters squashed together formed these things called "words." She's always read a wide variety of genres. Now as an adult (yikes!) she tends to love YA the most, but enjoys any well written, enthralling book.


Erin is a busy busy girl, and since she didn't provide me with a bio here is what I know.  She is awesome, she is opinionated in a good way and she LOVES books.  This girl reads 5-8 books a are just getting a taste of what she reads!