Rating Scale

We wanted to keep our reviews tied to the blog theme, so the following is our rating scale:

Top Picks
Reaching New Heights
Middle of the Stack
A Bit Buried
Bottom of the Barrel

Top Picks - books that we absolutely love.  We could re-read them and learn something new every time, or just be lost in the story.  We highly recommend these books, go buy them and read them now!

Reaching New Heights - These books are amazing.  We love them.  There is just one or two elements that makes us not completely head over heels for them - even if we can't pin down what those elements may be.  We still highly recommend these books.

Middle of the Stack - A great book.  An enjoyable experience.  We like these books and would recommend them to certain people that we think would really enjoy them.  Most likely there is something identifyable that makes us not love the book.  Give it a try, it might be for you! 

A Bit Buried - This book was okay.  There is stuff we like about it, stuff we don't.  Usually there is a glaring reason why we would put this towards the bottom of our stack and not pick up again.

Bottom of the Barrel  - This book was really not for us.  There was either writing, plot, story, character, etc. that we didn't connect with. 

Hopefully this system will help you see how we would pile the books that we read and review.