Saturday, December 11, 2010

Movie Review: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Alright folks. I REALLY want to help push this movie. My husband and went and saw it last night and we were very impressed. We are fans of the other movies in this series, and I was interested to see how the film would translate from a different studio (as Disney - I think prematurely - dropped the films after trying to sell a Narnia movie as a summer blockbuster and not a holiday movie).

Here is the scoop. It was good. Really good. All the main actors played their parts even better than the first two. Lucy is adorable, yet growing up and she doesn't know who she is or wants to be. Edmund is still frustrating, but generally happier, more mature and stronger than he ever was. Caspian is well, Caspian. We'll get to him...he deserves his own paragraph. And Eustice, besides having a horrendous name and being an incredibly annoying character both physically and personality-wise, ends up winning your heart in the end.

The story does not stick completely to the book, as the book is more episodic in nature they added a plot line element to tie it all together, but it didn't detract from the main story, or the point of the book. CS Lewis is one of my favorite authors, and I LOVE these stories and the world of Narnia!

Okay, on to my main reason for pushing the film. I love Ben Barnes. He is just the most perfect eye candy in the world. So of course Caspian is my favorite character, but it isn't just that Ben plays him. I really do love Caspian's character and his personal journey in this movie is subtly played out, yet poignant in the end.

So, take some time THIS WEEKEND to go see this movie. I think it didn't have as much money in publicity as the others and is thus getting low audiences. I won't have it. If just HALF of my regular readers read this and decide to go see this movie this weekend then I will be happy!

Plus, didn't I mention that you get to look at this guy for over 2 hours? Yeah. It's worth every penny! ;) Just wish the loose pirate pants were more flattering on any of them...