Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Three (6)

1) I need an MP3 player. My problem I hate earbuds. They HURT my ears physically make them ache. I've always had issues with this. I prefer standard earphones. But it sure would have been nice today at the dentist sitting in the chair for 2 hours to be listening to a book rather than my tooth being worked on.

2) I am missing my bookclub tonight and I am SO sad. There is something about a few hours with these awesome women talking about our favorite subject (books) and eating yummy treats that rejuvinates me each month!

3) If you've won a book from me recently know that I have NOT forgotten you. Life has been insane. If my mouth isn't pounding in pain tomorrow I plan on going to the post office to get them out to you! Do you ever have chores that need doing that just take forever to get to? Yeah. That's me right now with everything!