Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Signing with Kiersten White

I was very excited to go to my first book signing in a long time.  I miss going, seeing the crowd, feeling the energy supporting the authors.  It has been far too long since I've been able to attend an event.

I love how much expression she uses.  I really do.  She's so fun to hear talk!

 And I am so happy that the event I was able to go to was for Kiersten White!  Book three in the Paranormalcy series, ENDLESSLY, came out on Tuesday and she did her signing here in Utah on Thursday night.  We are so lucky to have her come here to Utah!

She was saying something about 5...I don't remember what but it was the best shot I got of her whole face!
I missed  much of what she said because I was running late, but I did catch the Q&A.  It was pretty awesome.
Signing my book!

Here's what I learned:

Keirsten and Me!
  1. Kiersten likes Pinky Pie because she weaponized her confetti cannon.
  2. Natalie Whipple, critique partner and best friend (and author who's book is being published next year) of Kiersten kinda hated Kiersten in High School because Kiersten wrote a mean article about the prom decorations that Natalie had been in charge of.  Don't worry, they love each other now!
  3. Movie rights have been sold for the Paranormalcy series, but Kiersten thinks (and come to think of it, I agree!) that it would make a better TV series.
  4. Steve the vampire/poultergeist is named after a blog follower from England.
  5. Fans of Kiersten's will not have to wait long for more from her!  She will be publishing two books a year from now on out for a while!  
  6. (well this I already knew) Kiersten is adorable, so kind and just made of awesome.


Jacob said...

Glad that you were able to go to her book signing! She sounds like a fun author!!!

Sara B. Larson said...

Such a fun event, glad you were able to come!! :)