Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday Three

1) I slack!  Wow has it really been an entire month since I've blogged!?  I need to do better!  What have I been up to that whole time?  2 family birthdays, 2 book club meetings, and reading my friends' manuscripts mostly, thus I can't blog about them!

2) One of my book club meetings was to go see The Host movie.  I'd give it a reaching new heights rating as far as movies go.  Having read the book it really had the same feel, quiet, internal struggles that mirror the external struggles of the humans around Wanda.  Not a lot of action, but some interesting moments depicting what it would be like to have two entities within one body, both fighting for control.  If you enjoyed the book it was worth seeing -- regardless of the bad reviews.  I didn't anticipate much.  And enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

3) Writing Conference season has hit Utah and I am sad to not be a part of it this year.  One of these days -- like blogging -- I will be a better, more consistent writer.  Until then, I read and adore authors.  ;)


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