Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jaime Richardson's CELEBRATE EVERY DAY

This is a much belated book signing report, so you might see me actually posting more often for a while.

My dear friend Jaime Richardson, blogger at has a fabulous cook book that came out May 7, CELEBRATE EVERY DAY: Recipes for Making the Most of Special Moments with Your Family.

It is a lovely book with awesome photographs -- that she took herself, and stories to go with the gathering ideas and recipes. Jaime writes with such ease and really has great practical recipes made from scratch to treat your family to some awesome food.

I love the wind action on her hair in this shot!
Me and Jaime!  Love this girl, and her book!
Plus as a special bonus you get to see my real name in print!!!!  Jaime was so sweet enough to list me in her acknowledgements as I helped test some of the recipes before it was printed.  And oh man how I love them!  Like her herb garlic bread, and mint lime-aid, are fast, easy recipes that are just to die for that have become staples in our home!

Some of the delicious samples!  They were all to die for.  The plum tart, and the homemade granola

bars!  Oh my!
If you love to cook like I do, this is a GREAT book to pick up!


Leslie said...

This sounds like such a wonderful cookbook! And those samples look like they were divine! Can't wait to see this cookbook in person.

Jaime {sophistimom} said...

Aw, Stacey!! Thank you so much for this shoutout!! Love you!!

Kim Webb Reid said...

Hey, question. I'm actually super bad at cooking and do not enjoy it, but I do enjoy having decent food with my family. Do you think most of these recipes are fairly dummy-proof or is it more for people who already love to cook? Thanks! Sorry I missed the launch.

Aubrey said...

Kim I think things in this book spread the gambit, some of them are more difficult, some are super easy staples that I've added to my daily repertoire of cooking.

It's all about gatherings and appropriate foods to have to make the most of things like picnics, movie parties, summer afternoons with family, etc.

I think it's beautifully done and you can definitely find easier things that are so yummy!