Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Three

1) I wasn't gonna do a post, but thanks to my review and giveaway of Julianne Donaldson's BLACKMOORE (see previous post) I hit 300 followers!  Which is awesome!  Cause I have so much to bring to you in the next while!  So, as part of that I am going to give away another book, yet to be determined what book, to a second place winner from the giveaway!  So go check that out!

2) How do you feel about not finishing a book?  If the beginning is slow, or the story just isn't grabbing you, how long do you give a book before you put it down for good?  Have there been books that you've read that took a while to get into?

I felt that way about Stephenie Meyer's THE HOST.  I mean until page like 120 it was SLOW.  But once I got there past that internal information going on inside Mealine and Wanda's newly combined head, the action of the story started and I was really into it.

So now I hesitate to not keep going.  In hopes that it will get good in the end. 

What do you think?

3) So not book related, but who is so excited that Fall is pretty much here!  I sure am!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays in the universe.  I am SO excited!

Happy reading this weekend you guys!