Monday, December 2, 2013

Catching Fire, Ender's Game and Frozen Reviews

Well hi!  It's been a while.  I wanted to update you on a few of the movies I've seen that may appeal to my reader audience.  Also, wanted to get you looking at the blog again because tomorrow I have a BIG very cool review to post for an ARC Tour.  So be sure to come check that out!  Okay!?

On to the movies!

Okay, so this is a late post.  Most of you I'm sure have already seen this movie.  But I am going to write my review in the hopes that you will go see it if you haven't yet!

Catching Fire was so much better than the first movie!  From including things from the book that I thought were missing in the first movie, to smoother, non-motion-sick inducing cinematography. 

I was lucky enough to go see an early showing the Thursday before Thanksgiving, and it was so much fun.  I felt like I was holding my breath fro the full 2 1/2 hours, even though I've read the book!  Seeing it on the screen was a whole new experience.  And definitely worth seeing. 

Ender's Game is a book that I finally got to reading when my book club read it earlier this year.  There was so much I enjoyed about it.  And it definitely is something that our club had a lot to talk about. 

If you're a fan of the book I don't think the movie will disappoint you.  It was done well, the acting was all excellent.  You really feel for Ender and root for him in all of his endeavors.  I think if you haven't read the book there is probably some things missing that fill in the book and the secondary character developments that really help you understand those social interactions and how they affect Ender.  But otherwise it was a good adaptation.


Now for Frozen! 

Oh my goodness I loved this film.  I may have cried like 4 times.  And the music was very broadway-esque to move along the story telling, but to be extremely emotional as well. 

It was beautiful and fun.  My daughters both loved it as well.  I might just have to add some Frozen dress ups to our Christmas gifts this year.  Whether you are a kid at heart, or taking your kids, Frozen is definitely worth seeing in the theaters!