Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review Rating Scale

I have been thinking about my blog and a way I can tie in the theme of the pile of books some more. From now on I will have a rating system at the beginning of my reviews that follow this rating scale:

Top Picks
Reaching New Heights
Middle of the Stack
A Bit Buried
Bottom of the Barrel

Hopefully this system will help you see how I would pile my books that I read and review.

Be sure to check in more often, and tell your friends about the blog! I am getting geared up for some fun reviews and giveaways soon!


Sara said...

Sounds good! Look forward to reading more posts. I like the rating system. Very fun!

tammi sauer said...

Great blog. And yay! I'm you're 1001 visitor. :)

Anonymous said...

Just hopped over from Verla's to say hi! Fun blog!

~Della Ferreri

Anita said...

I like your rating phrases. Definitely better and more creative than my "Grade A, Grade B...F" that I put at the bottom of my summary of a book in my book journal.