Friday, November 20, 2009

Books on the Big Screen - NEW MOON

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for this not going up last night. My internet wasn't working when I got home from the midnight show! I was so so frustrated. Then I had some issues falling asleep...wonder why!....and my fabulous fabulous husband let me sleep in until 10:40 am while he did some work on the computer at home and watched our little girl. I am the luckiest woman in the world right now! Honey I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!

So...on to my review.

Disclaimer: some of this may be skewed by my extreme 12 year old giddiness at going to the midnight show and dressing up and being with great friends.

I LOVED it. Absolutely and completely adored it. So much better than the first one! Can they go back and re-make it? Honestly, that good! It lived up to my expectations of being better than the book (which previously mentioned is my least favorite in the series).

The directing was so much better than the first, as was the acting, the make-up (their eyes! Everyone's eyes were incredible! The Cullens' were frighteningly beautiful, and the other vampires -- Lauraunt, Victoria, Volturi -- were completely frightening. Aro in particular honestly scared the crap out of me in a great way. Dakota Fanning as Jane was perfect. Her part was small but she does it so well.

Edward finally looked the part completely for me. His sparkle wasn't just a sweaty glow, his clothes were great, and one of my friends disagreed but I think his pained looks and mannerisms were perfect for the part. I was sad that they cut out the CD that he gave Bella, I thought that was so romantic and heart breaking when it was gone...

Jacob did a much better acting job. His long wig was still horrible. He does look good for this movie, and a warning to Edward fans, a lot of them came out of the movie being more Jacob fans than ever before. Not me, not in the slightest.

1) I can't get over that he's sharkboy. 2) Taylor isn't even legal to oggle at 3) I can appriciate that he looks good, but his look doesn't attract me. I have always been attracted to skinny white guys with the long lean muscle look. Um...yeah that's Edward to a T. And can I just say there is a miraculous shot of Edward as he is walking out into the sulight. Possibly the most beautiful shot of Rob Pattinson I have ever ever seen. Sigh. I was definitely enjoying me some eye candy.

Okay back to Jacob. One other thing was I think they played it off too much that Bella was actually IN love with Jake, rather than loving Jake, but still being in love with Edward. There was a bit too much romance between them for me. And again, I hate that Bella puts him and Edward through that whole thing, because she even tells Jacob that it was and always will be Edward who wins...

The werewolves I have to admit were awesome. They were HUGE! And I realize that's how SM describes them, but I guess I never pictured them THAT big. But it was awesome.

Bella did so much better as well. I think I only heard like 3 or 4 annoying scoffs the whole movie. The begining was a little off, she didn't react to Edward leaving quite as strongly at first as she should have in my opinion, but after that it was done so so well.

It was a fabulous night I had tons of fabulous fun. I hope you all get to go see it this weekend! If you weren't planning on it, plan on it now! (Later I will post a few pics of me and my craziness. I know you want to see that too!)


Anonymous said...

not a twilight fan...but I am a huge fan of having a great time with friends. Glad you got to have a mom's night out! :)

Carrie said...

I have to say I hated the first movie. I MEAN HATED!!!! It was horrible. That said, I did like this one very, very much and am actually excited to go see it again with my sister. I agree with just about everything. Especially the sparkling, he didn't look like he was about to go clubbing this time. Aro gave me nightmares, seriously. So creepy. The only part I didn't like was his vision he got from Alice, that was kind of hokey. Kristen did pretty well for being stoned the whole movie. Sadly, she acts the exact same in real life, at least she did on all of her interviews. The girl cannot act, but oh well. And Jasper wasn't as creepy this time, he was actually a little cute. It was a fun night, even though I think I was laughing more at you than I was at the movie. Yes, I could hear you from across the isle. :)

Aubrey (AKA Stacey) said...

Carrie I'm so glad you came!

Oh yes, Kristin. Our dear pothead. I think she did better though....if not because the editing was better.

Yes, I thought that scene of Alice's vision was just cute and fun the first time. The second time people were laughing at it. It could have been better.

;) That was my goal opening let everyone know how much Edward love I have! (And Jacob hate...did it come across?)

lindsayeland said...

Just saw this movie on Sunday and love, love, loved it!! Edward is beyond gorgeous...I die!

Aubrey (AKA Stacey) said...

lindsayeland I'm glad someone else appriciates his complete hotness! Everyone was so hyped about Taylor's abs...give me Edward any day! Mmmmm. Saw it again for the third time last night. he is so beautiful!