Monday, November 16, 2009

Theme Week: Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series

Okay, I am coming out of the closet per se. I am a Twilighter. I know, I know. But really, I love paranormal romance, and I have loved vampires since I was like 10 years old. So it really just works for me.

With the release of the movie adaptation of NEW MOON coming out this Friday (Oh yeah! I have my midnight tickets for 12:01 AM!) I thought it was a good time to revisit this series, what we think about each book and all that fun stuff! I will even review the movie on Friday for you! So let the games begin!

Oh an for fun in the meantime, here are a bunch of links thanks to my friends who know I'm a Twilight freak and send me stuff they find. (My friends encourage the inner 12 year old in me, cause they think it's fun. I do too!)

Volturri Fighting Scene - NEW MOON sneak peek.

TV spot for NEW MOON
ECLIPSE movie icon
My favorite TV spot -- GO EDWARD!!!!
Extended Birthday Party Scene
Some fun news about BREAKING DAWN questions with SM -- the stuff we REALLY wanted to know!

Yeah, I'm not obsessed! I'm NOT I tell you! ;)

And don't forget about our contest! It's open until the 21st. The link is in the sidebar!


Maria said...

Sounds good! I love the Twilight series too.

Guinevere said...

Those are some great links! I like how sweet and humble she is, even saying that she wishes she could rewrite Twilight now that she has grown so much as an author. I'd love to read that "director's cut" of it! This should be a fun week, diving in to the Twilight Mania. ;-)

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Okay, I'll come clean here as well... I too love Twilight. Even though the last book was sort of bad.

mogispie said...

I actually have a Twiddiction.
I don’t suffer from OCD (Obsessive Cullin Disorder) I LOVE IT lol corny I know :D
But im actually on Team Jacob.

Despite my loathing of the first movie, I really can’t wait for New Moon, I’ve seen the trailer so I’m *super exited*.