Thursday, February 11, 2010

Masterpeice Theater's Emma

Have any of you been watching Materpeice Classic's new production of Emma?

The commercials made be very excited for this new Jane Austen film. I ADORE many of the Masterpiece productions -- the best one being Pride and Prejudice of course.

Being a big fan of Jane Austen's stories and liking the general look of the film and actors from the previews I was really excited for this one....

That is until I watched it. The first segment of the movie was two hours long, and boy did it feel like two hours! I liked the addition of a bit more information on Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill's childhood and there were some lovely moments where Emma was remembering her childhood, but other than that, there was not anything added to it that made it take that just did.

I thought it was slow, the acting was not what I had hoped it to be, and it just fell flat. To be honest, I like the Gwyneth Paltrow version better -- and I'm sad that that is the case.

The second two segments were better, however. I like how Emma's general appearance got more disheveled as she became more confused about her feelings for Knightly. But the first two hours could have been condensed to at least one and a half, if not one, and the production would have been much better.

I AM looking forward to the rest of the season though where they are playing many more Jane Austen stories and other novel classics like The Diary of Anne Frank.

So...did you watch this? What did you think?