Thursday, January 6, 2011

Me the Slacker, and a Friend Who is Not I'm the slacker. Sorry! We have all been a bit sick over here to start the new year, and still trying to get life in order, so very little reading has been going on. I know Guinevere has been doing some, so maybe she can review some stuff for us soon...

In the meantime, I wanted to post about a friend of mine whose book is coming out soon! It is more self-help/non-fiction than my usual reading, but I know Julie is going to be great at this, so here's the info!

Don't Throw Rocks at His Window: Real Advice to Mend a Broken Heart
by Julie Donaldson
To Be Published February 2011 by Deseret Book

Summary: Don't do it. I know you want to. I know you want to pick up that jagged rock and just chuck it through his window. After all, he broke your heart. Worse, he threw it to the ground, danced on it, and then kicked it aside. But you don’t have to resort to criminal activity. There are better ways to get over your broken heart.

Using humor, common sense, and honest, heart-to-heart advice, author Julie C. Donaldson lays out four simple rules that will help you mend your broken heart (including Rule #1: Don’t be pathetic).

Don’t Throw Rocks at His Window is filled with practical remedies and fun, interactive ideas that will help you strengthen your heart, keep your perspective on what matters most, and find comfort.

It is possible to survive a broken heart. What’s more, it’s possible to love again with a heart that is strong and sure and whole. So drop the rock, toss the tissue, and take the journey from hurt to healing.


Shari said...

Congrats to Julie!!

Julie said...

thanks so much!