Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blogiversary Giveaway #2 -- Fantasy Pack

Okay, so these aren't ALL "fantasy" like dragons and elves, but I think that title could explain an element in all of these books. From dystopia to fairy tales, they all have an element of fantasy right? So here's what you're going to get!

MY UNFAIR GODMOTHER by Janette Rallison -- Signed paperback ARC!
TEMPEST RISING by Tracy Deebs -- paperback ARC
POSSESSION by Elana Johnson -- Signed paperback ARC!
A TOUCH MORTAL by Leah Clifford -- Hardcover

*If you are unfamiliar with the title, click on the title if it's a link for our review.

Giveaway is open until 11:59 pm EST on Thursday July 28th! USA and Canada addresses only please. Just fill out the form below!


danya said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway and congrats on your blogoversary!

Aubrey said...

Thanks Danya! I am so privileged to be a blogger for 2 years on this site! I LOVE books and the book world, and am always amazed that people care what I think about the books I read!

latishajean said...

Big Congrats to you and Thank you so much for the great giveaway!