Friday, August 26, 2011

Books on CD

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about books on CD.

I never thought I would be one to really enjoy them. I thought there was no way I could enjoy the written word as well hearing someone else interpret it through voice. I am someone who likes to savor the words and the way they are put together. I've always been this way. It makes me a slower reader because I don't like skimming or skipping.

So, you could say I was prejudiced against listening to books rather than reading them. Was there a place and a market for them? Of course. Those who can't see the words on the page, or who are in their car a lot and want to multi-task. But that just wasn't me...

Or was it?

I'm a busy person. I'm a mom of a very active 3 year old, a new one on the way. Keeping my house clean is a daily chore that I can never seem to keep up with. Then there is my desire to not be stuck at home all the time. Don't get me wrong, home is where I find my most joy in life, but getting out with my girlfriends is vital to my sanity. And I have book club, and a church calling, and this gets busy!

Perhaps multi-tasking is just what I needed.

So I decided to grab a book on CD from my local library when I knew I would be driving a long distance a few days a week, and then I could listen to it on my headphones when I was folding laundry etc.

And you know what? I loved it! It was a great reader, I was able to multitask AND enjoy a great book.

I have been lucky that the books I have listened to all have great readers. I have heard there are books that are not so fortunate to get a good actor reading the book. And that would just be unfortunate.

So give books on CD a try! I haven't listened to a lot of them, but those I have have been great. Here is a list of the ones I have listened to and really loved.

The Harry Potter Series -- the reader is just perfect!
The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
The Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr -- several different narrators from book to book, I am listening to book 4 right now and loving it!
These is My Words by Nancy E Turner

Do you listen to books on CD? Do you have some suggestions of good ones?


Aubrey said...

And I'm realizing "audiobook" is the right term. I blame all of my lack of braincells on pregnancy!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, I've listened to A LOT of audiobooks. I loved the audiobook of THE HELP. The readers were the BOMB- it was a really good one. I agree with the Harry Potters- they are all great! I also liked the audiobook to STOLEN. There is some language and it's a story about kidnapping etc. But the reader was FABULOUS! Those would be my two recommendations.

Suzanne Warr said...

I'm chiming in a little late, but I had to say how surprised I was to discover myself a fan, too! It's nice to sit back and listen, and since the reader is usually going slower than I would be, it allowsy for lots of nice savoring. However, I have to admit, I've also discovered that I don't like to 're-read' a book in audio format. I get too impatient, and something doesn't jive. Maybe it's just me?