Monday, August 1, 2011


I love books, don't you? I don't think you'd be reading this blog if you didn't.

I am going book shopping today, and although I don't have a LOT of money to spend, I still plan on getting a couple of books for me and maybe one or two picture books for my DD.

So my questions for you today is...if you could go buy any two books in the bookstore today what would they be? What about one picture book you'd like to add to your collection?


Elleira said...

DEFINITELY The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter and Abandon by Meg Cabot.

I'm so into the whole Greek myth inspired storylines so I'd pick those definitely :)

alyssa said...

I love books :)

Amanda said...

I picked up a copy of Pink Me Up by Charise Mericle Harper from Amazon's bargain books section last week. It's adorable!

ansindt said...

Blood Red Road is an awesome book. Also, anything by Janette Rallison. As for kid books, my fav are the llama, llama cute=)