Monday, December 21, 2009

The Great Pesky Pisky Pixie Giveaway!

Say that blog post title 10 times fast and don't get messed, up! I dare you!

Okay, that was fun but it's not how you win this giveaway. So wipe the spittle off of your computer screens and here we go!

I am giving away a great combo pack as my last giveaway of the year! Win my ARC of GREEN by Laura Peyton Roberts and my ARC of CAPTIVATE by Carrie Jones! I'll even throw in a pack of pixie stix if I reach 55 followers before the end of the contest!

GREEN features a fey called Piskies (They grant wishes if you capture them, but watch out, they are VERY tricky and literal with their wish giving), and CAPTIVATE is of course about Pixies (the bad nasty type not the Tinkerbell ones).

So here's how you enter!

1) Leave a comment here in under 100 words tell me about an encounter you had with pesky piskies or pixies.

2) As always Followers get 2 extra entries (be sure to tell me in the comments that you follow publicly on the sidebar...and yes I do double check)

3) Tweet, blog, or Facebook about this and let me know that too, for another extra entry!

Good luck with those Piskies and Pixies, they can be pesky!

The contest is open until 11:59 PM EST December 31, 2009! (So REALLY the last giveaway of the year from me!)


Carrie said...

Man, I REALLY want this one! I am still having a battle. One day, Braydon brought my keys to me in my room while I was feeding Carter. I put them in a "special" place so I wouldn't lose them. That was two months ago and I still don't know where they are and I have cleaned my entire room top to bottom. Now I really know who to blame!!!!!!

Larissa said...

Lol - I am a follower.

I don't know if this will count, but my youngest daughter has always looked a little fey to me. She has very small features, and a lot of hair. If you tuck her hair behind her ears and look at her straight on, her ears look a little pointed and she really does look like a pixie. I call her my "tricksie pixie" and I even get her to say "I'm a tricksie pixie!"

Anyway, that's the first thing that came to mind when you said "an encounter with a pixie," so there you go. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

My pixie encounter? Well, I was two years old running through a field and one started to grab my hair and braid it. That's how I first learned.

okay okay that's a lie. :) i really hope that will still count!!

+2 I follow the blog!!

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Nathalie Mvondo said...

Woo, I love books and winning them is even sweeter! *clapping*

More seriously, Piskies sent me an email once to inform me about an awesome conference I hoped to attend. PS, Piskies wrote, there are a few scholarships available.
Sure, I thought. Thanks, Piskies, I never win anything. Long story short, I got one, and Piskies rocks! :D

Will tweet about the contest! Happy holidays to you and all the readers!

Llehn said...

I have pixies in my old car! I swear every time I was late for an appointment, the engine refuses to start! Now that the car has been sold to someone else, the pixie is now the new owner's problem. Mwahahahahha.


Llehn said...

Oops ... forgot to add that I'm an old follower.

Must be those pixies messing with my brain again!


Kelly said...

Those darn pixies steal socks out of my dryer! Every time! (I think they make mini snuggies out of them...)
I am now a follower, thanks for the fun contest!

Precious said...
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Precious said...

If this is open internationally, please count me in.

One night, my mom brought me takeout. When we were in the kitchen, I realized I left it upstairs in my room. It was not there. We looked everywhere!! And when mom opened the refrigerator, it was magically there. Though, I was REALLY sure I left it upstairs because I remember seeing the styrofoam on my bedside table before going downstairs.

It was a annoying.

I follow publicly!

I tweeted:


Lindsey said...

So, one night my husband discovers he's missing his wallet. I swear the pixies followed us and pick pocketed him.Or they just waited for an opportune chance where he got his huard down. He was unable to find it for a full two days. I'm sure they were in the shadows just laughing and giggling to themselves. We panicked and almost ended up cancelling everything in his wallet, but then the wallet mysteriously ended up under the bed. I think the pixies took it and tried to rearrange all his organizedness of his wallet and drive him bonkers. I laughed and thought those pixies scored a point in my book! Serves my husband right for leaving his wallet lying around where they could get their little fingers on it.

I'm a follower too!

Ratliffs said...

I'm a follower...I think I was your first (Just thought I'd remind you of that little fact! :) )

I think we had a piskie drop in on us a few days ago (maybe sent over from our Irish relatives still living in Ireland?!)... Here is an example of some of the fun he had with us while visiting...

In my nightly rounds of tidying, I came across a pair of undies in the bathroom. After yelling to the owner, I quickly forgot about them. Until the next morning. When I found them on top of the piano. After again yelling to the owner to pick them up, I later got the pleasure of finding them nicely laid out in the hall. I know no one in my family would dare to do this, so therefore it must have been a piskie having fun with me. Too bad he was the only one having fun... :)