Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Question for You!

I want to read if you have any Halloween traditions that are related to books?

For me, I like to buy my 2-year old daughter a holiday themed book each holiday. I like to go to my local bookstore and peruse their titles. So many of them I know and love from my childhood, or there are great new ones that she would love!

I also like trying to read a Halloweeny book myself, but I haven't had a chance to do that this year. I have been SO busy!

So now on to you, what is your favorite book to read this time of year? Or what have you read lately that would be a good Halloween read?


ivanova said...

If you like mysteries, I recommend Halloween Party by Agatha Christie. In addition to a shiver-inducing but old-fashioned murder, there are descriptions of wonderful old Halloween games like Snapdragon (a flaming plate of raisins and brandy) and looking in the mirror to see the face of your beloved. Also in Maud Hart Lovelace's Betsy books (a classic series like the Little House books), in Heaven to Betsy there's a great description of games they used to play during Halloween a century ago.

Sara said...

I don't have any traditions, but this month I have been reading my Last Apprentice books and Mr. Monster. Perfect for this month!

Just SO said...

I just got done reading Impossible by Nancy Wherlin which had a creepy, evil farie in it. It might count for this. And Coraline is always a quick easy and spooky read.