Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winner of Boys Pack! is my it yours? The winner of the Boy Pack is...


Thanks so much for everyone entering the contests! We love our readers so SO much! It has been fun doing lots of HUGE giveaways this month! I usually try to do at least one giveaway a month and of course we are always reading and bringing you reviews! So I hope all of our readers new and old continue to come and read and comment!

The results of this giveaways questions were really intriguing!

I asked "What is your favorite "boy" book?"
The top answers were: 1) Harry Potter and 2) The Maze Runner!

I also asked "Do you think boys read as much as girls?" I was really interested in what you had to say about this! The answers were very polarized.
Yes: 32%
No: 68%

I think this is something we should all think more about. Maybe encourage the boys to read by giving them books that they want more. I know I am always looking for something else to buy for my husband to read because he isn't going to pick up the romantic books I am reading.

Thanks again to all of the authors who provided material for the giveaways! I could not do this without you and your publicists who send me stuff to review!