Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Signing Report: Bree Despain!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the launch party and book signing at The King's English in Salt Lake City for THE SAVAGE GRACE, book 3 in the Dark Divine Trilogy.

It was so great to see Bree again and celebrate this awesome book! Here's some pics and highlights from her presentation entitled "The End".

*Once again I am just going to type my notes as I wrote them as Bree said this is paraphrased Bree. ;)

  • Sequels are hard. The Lost Saint, I affectionately refer to as the book that ate my soul. But the third book has to be easier to write, right? Heh. heh. Yeah right.
  • You spend your writing career learning how to write a first book, that took me 10 years. No one teaches you how to write a second or third book
  • At times this book had beasty claws, fangs and got very bloodthirsty around the full moon
  • One obstacle was there are so many strings that need to be tied up in the final book, things you have to complete
  • Also third books have a lot more climax, 2/3rds of the book is climax
  • All the characters you've introduced, not just the main ones, have to have their stories come full circle. Some will fail at thier goals, some will succeed, some will even die.

  • The hardest obstacle to overcome in writing this book was saying goodbye. When I typed the last words from book 3 I would be saying goodbye to charcters that had been talking to me since a dark cold night in January so long ago.
  • I put off writing the end. I kept turning in drafts without the last few chapters
  • Well I finally turned a draft in, still without the last few chapters and my Editor said "I love the ending!" But that freaked me out, that's not the end! I said. He told me they were already doing copy edits and were going to print in 2 days.
  • So i had one night to write that perfect ending, to say goodbye
  • what I finally had to do was force myself to stop thinking about what the perfect ending would be, and just write what felt true for the characters.

  • When I finished
    my husband bought me not just one kitten, but two! We call them the kittens Divine. Merlin is black and Avalon is grey.
Then Bree read from the book a little, and did some giveaways thanks to winners from a fairly hard trivia! I was shooting myself for not remembering a few of them since I had JUST read TSG not that long ago. She gave away some of the awesome Dark Divine Jewelry and some of the nailpolish with pedicure supplies, and then one person got her food of choice for writing, chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

It was so wonderful to see Bree again! I just love her smiling face, I love how much she cares about her readers, and especially I love her books. She's such an inspiration!

Alright, so that being said, come back tomorrow to see what Bree had to say for my interview with her! And there just might be something super super awesome posted along with that interview. ;)


BallerinaBiker said...

Hey! I'm putting together a list of books to add to our school's library. It would be awesome if you would consider writing a post with your top 20 choices for YA books!! :) Btw, Love your blog! I have taken some book recommendations from your site to add to our "books to purchase" list!

Aubrey said...

How soon would you need this? I have lots of stuff planned for the next week but I can certainly start making a list.

Another good option is to click on the label "Top Picks" those would obviously be ones I love. ;)

Alice said...

Thanks for sharing your notes.