Monday, March 26, 2012

Dark Divine Giveaway Winners!

Sorry this took me so long. Life has been crazy busy. I hope you enjoyed my posts about Edenbrooke. I saw a lady purchase it at our local costco and I just had to rave about it to her!

But this is about Dark Divine! Which you all know how much I love Bree and the series! 2 lucky winners will receive the whole trilogy from the publisher! So with no further adieu and the help of our winners are...

Christina Kit!

Thanks for everyone who entered! Come back tomorrow for yet ANOTHER giveaway! Yeah this is a crazy giveaway month!


ansindt said...

Thank you sooo much=) I'm so excited!

Christina Kit. said...

YAY!! Thank you so much!! This is awesome!!

Do I email you or will you contact me with mailing info?