Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Three (11)

1) What else could be number on in this YA loving Twihard's day than BREAKING DAWN PART 2!  Me and 167 of my closest friends have rented a theater for a 7:30 showing tonight!  Woot!  I really think from the previews that this will be the best of the movies.  No whiney weak human Bella.  NO confusion as to whom she is in love with (TEAM EDWARD!), and they "fixed" the plot hole of the battle scene (as I gather from the previews).  I'm pretty darn excited!

2) Did I mention I was Team Edward, and I am going to the movie tonight?

3) I also have to admit I'm a little sad it's over.  No more crazy nights out with my friends acting like a 12 year old...oh wait..there's still The Hunger Games!  Long live YA!