Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Three (9)

1) Halloween is perhaps my favorite holiday just behind Christmas.  Why?  Cause it's just amazing fun!  One of my favorite things to do around Halloween is to read a book related to the season.  This year, I got about 5 pages in and then had to take the book back to the library...oops!  But I made it up with lots of picture books.  What are some Halloween-y book suggestions I should put on my list for next year? 

2) I just had to share with you my cute little witches.

3) With Fall comes the release of many anticipated books!  Here are some that I am looking forward to grabbing!

FINALE by Becca Fitspatrick (I know it's out already, but I haven't had a chance to go get it yet!)
REACHED by Ally Condie

What books are you most looking forward to?