Monday, September 28, 2009

Introduction: Janette Rallison

Hi all!

So this week we are doing something fun! As I have mentioned in June I attended a writer's conference for children's lit. I was in the Chic Lit/Romance class and it was such a blast and so incredible. I met so many great authors, so many wonderful women who are writing and working on their craft, some really great editors and one amazing amazing agent (can I say I totally have an agent crush???). Perhaps the most important person I met was the author in charge of my morning classes -- Janette Rallison!

(Me and Janette at the conference)

Janette's books are funny, heartfelt, and romantic! She was the perfect author to lead our class. This week Sara and I are going to review several of her books and we have a fun interview with her to share with you as well (Thanks Janette!). So this week, sit back and enjoy everything that is the fabulous Janette Rallison!

Here are some of her books and awards:
"Fame, Glory, and Other Things on My To Do List" IRA Young Adults' Choices List 2007
"It's a Mall World After All" IRA Young Adults' Choices List 2008
"How to Take the Ex out of Ex Boyfriend" IRA Young Adults' Choices List 2009

For more info on Janette, her books, links to her blog etc. go to

**Off topic reminder, the contest for the ARC of THE MAZE RUNNER and the ARC of GIRL IN THE ARENA is still open for entries through tomorrow at midnight!!!