Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review The Miles Between by Mary E. Pearson

The Miles Between
by Mary E. Pearson

September 1st 2009 by Henry Holt & Company
Hardcover, 288 pages

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Destiny Faraday makes a point of keeping her distance from her classmates at Hedgebrook Academy. Her number-one rule: Don’t get attached. But one day, unexpectedly finding a car at their disposal, Destiny and three of her classmates embark on an unauthorized road trip.

They’re searching for one fair day—a day where the good guy wins and everything adds up to something just and right. Their destination: Langdon, a town that Destiny’s unsuspecting companions hope will hold simply a day of fun. But, as Destiny says, “Things are not always what they seem.” Only she knows that Langdon holds far more than that—a deep secret she has never shared with anyone.

The Miles Between explores the wonder andmagic of a very real world where chance, mystery, and secrets abound.

I passed this book to a friend of mine and she said, "What's it like?"  I said, "Weird.  Good, but weird." 
This one was a page turner.  At only 288 pages, you could read it in one sitting, and that's exactly what I did.  Each page delivers twists and turns that uncovers more and more of who the main character is.  It's definitely a character driven book, but that's something I didn't mind.  The story takes place in one day and changes the life of four main characters.  They're thrown together in the most bizarre situation.  And everything that happens in the single day that the novel takes place is equally bizarre. 
I fell in love with the protagonist and (don't tell anyone) I actually cried at one point.  It had me laughing out loud, rolling in my seat, and then brought down to tears.  It's definitely worth the read and it WILL make it to my 'Do Not Touch' shelf.  This book is an all around, thought-provoking, page-tuner, clean YA read.
Go out and read this one!


Aubrey (AKA Stacey) said...

Thanks for the review Erin! It is always a good sign when people react emotionally to a book! I'll have to add this one to my list!