Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cupcakeathon! Mini Candy Cupcakes!

Here is my day's activities participating in the cupcakeathon for the release of PERCHANGE TO DREAM by Lisa Mantchev!!!

First I gathered my ingredients. I couldn't keep it a secret any longer, the second the fairies heard I was pulling out the devil's food cake mix they were right there!

Here I am doing a little batter licking...notice the hair, I added my green hair Bertie style! ;) It was fun to channel her.

Piping them into Mini-muffin tins!

Oh, what is the candy for you ask?

With the help of the fairies we "smashed them with a hammer!"

Yeah when all was said and done there were 85 cupcakes! YES EIGHTY FIVE!!!

The fairies didn't let me have the frosting batters to myself. They swarmed!

All of them..mostly, it was so hard to get them ALL in one shot!

And they stood watch....

Cause I covered EVERY one of those 85 cupcakes with home-made butter cream frosting and crushed candy of some sort. These are the butterfinger ones! Mmmmm.

The tower of mini-candy-cupcakes. There are Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, Heath Bar, Oreos, Butterfinger and mini chocolate chips!!!

Taste testing!

Then I had to go find PERCHANCE TO DREAM out in the wild! Good thing I went when I did, they are near extinction in the wild up here in Utah! I got the LAST copy at my B&N!


My book accompanied by all those cupcakes and fairies!

I am so excited to sink my teeth into this book....and even more excited to let the fairies and some of my friends sink their teeth into those cupcakes! Oh yes, and my FB is on Pirate Mode in honor of Nate! Go team Nate! Let's see if I will still be team Nate after this book... ;)


Elie said...

ooh, those look yummy. Cute post! Happy Reading.

Carrie said...

you are cute...and those look tast-ee!!

Sara B. Larson said...

I can't wait to read it! And I want some of the heath bar cupcakes... bring me some, he he! ;-)

Jenny said...

Hi! I am totally not sure who I found your blog but I am looking desperately for an ARC copy of Matched for a close friend. Somehow, somewhere I read that you might know this author, Ally Condie.


Again, I know this is defintiely an out on a limb question.

Thank you!

Aubrey said...

Jenny I do know Ally, but I can't get ARCs. I am on a list with my connection at the publisher, but even I am not sure if I will get one.

Do you often get ARCs? If so then having a contact at the publisher is the best way.

Ally is also doing a giveaway of an ARC on her blog, so go check that out...the link is on my sidebar.

Heather Dixon said...

Hahaha! Fairies licking the beater! Hahaha! EPIC