Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Author Interview: Brodi Ashton!

Okay not only is debut author Brodi Ashton's novel EVERNEATH one of my favorite books, she is one of my favorite people. She is gorgeous and made of awesome.

Since I have the hook-up I did this little interview with her to run with my review of EVERNEATH. Enjoy!

MPB: Your twist on a well known Greek myth (Persephone and Hades) is very unique. How did you come up with the idea?

BA: The story came first, before the mythology. I never really sat down and thought to myself, "How about I retell the story of Persephone, but make it totally unique." I'd been developing Nikki's story for a long time before I fully recognized the similarities between her plight and that of Persephone. So it was more a matter of making the myth fit with the story, than making the story fit with the myth.

MPB: If you had to choose, who would you choose to be with Cole or Jack?

BA: I'd be with Jack. But I'd go to Cole's concerts.

MPB: What has been the most important ingredient in your success?

BA: Perseverance. And some luck. But without the perseverance, the luck wouldn't have mattered.

MPB: Is there a writing snack that is indispensable to your writing?

BA: Diet Coke. Hands down, cups full.

MPB: How is book two going/What are you working on now?

BA: I am revising the sequel to Everneath, and I really love where book 2 takes us. If you've read book 1, you probably have a good idea of where book 2 takes us.

For more about Brodi and Everneath visit her at It is a great wesite for readers and writers too. Love her posts!