Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breaking Dawn Concert Series Salt Lake City!

My awesome book loving friend Teri won tickets the the Breaking Dawn Concert Series Tour show in Salt Lake City tonight! The last stop on the 5-city tour and it was so fun! As Twilight is definitely relevant to this blog, I thought I would share. Here are my pics! (Tomorrow I will try to post the few videos I got!)

This is me all dolled up to go in my red, white and black.

We got there fairly early and waited in line, getting progressively colder and colder.

This is me with Teri and some of her other friends that attended the venue. I love going to things like this and meeting new people! It's a bond that you can't get any other way!

This is me right there on the red carpet waiting for the Cullens to arrive! It was pretty darn awesome to be RIGHT there!

Here's my ticket. Teri actually had some extra tickets so that's what I had the actors sign. I will take some pics of those and post camera battery is so dead I can't even turn on my camera to attempt to take a pic.

My feet are the ones in the middle, so close to reaching the red carpet behind the barrier!

This group of people arrived and we weren't really sure who they were, but it was the band members to the three groups/singers that performed! The music was awesome.

All the celebs showed up in these awesome black cars, and I had to share because it is my friend's husband's company that provided these cars! It's a small world!

The first of the vamps to arrive was the ever handsome Peter Facinelli! Of all the actors there he seemed to take the most time going up and down the line making sure he could see as many people as possible and sign as many people's stuff as possible. Handsome and kind! Definitely a win!

Then came Nikki Reed. Beautiful as ever with a big smile on her face the whole time.

Then we were all glad to see Charlie Bewley who plays Dimitri, one of the evil Volturi.

And of course Jackson Rathbone the ever adorable Jasper. I've seen him do some other acting jobs and he really is good.

And my all-time favorite picture I got that night...Ashely Greene the GORGEOUS Alice. Alice has always been my favorite character. I know, I know, I'm a huge Edward fan, but he's my crush, she, to me is the most interesting character. And Ashely plays the part perfectly. This is her signing MY ticket. I told her she's always been my fave, and she was very kind to look up and pose for this pic. She is seriously even MORE gorgeous in person than on film, or even than in this picture. I think she's the most beautiful person I've ever met. Okay, maybe I have a girl crush on her too...just a little one.

Ashley and Jackson posed together for the press. It was a really great moment, wish they had turned around!

Heading into the venue The Rail in Sal Lake City! Inside they gave away posters (that would have been nice to have ahead of time for signing...) They were selling the CD which I had bought yesterday already (it's really good!) And it was all set up on stage for the bands and the cast to come out later!

Us with the stage. This is me, Teri, and her sister-in-law Hilery. It's fun to be a twi-hard fan!

On some big screens on the side they were playing some promo stuff, nothing too fabulous that I haven't seen yet, there was some interviewing going on...but they weren't playing the sound. But I had to get this shot of my man Edward. REALLY looking forward to this one!

Then the music began! And it was GOOD! Nothing to dance to cause it was all slower love song type stuff, but man these people are good live. This is Sleeping at Last performing one of his songs not on the album...kinda loved it. I will be looking for his music in the future!

Then he moved over to the piano and played the song from the soundtrack "Turning Page" which you might recognize from some of the previews. Good stuff!

Then the beautiful and very talented Lucy Schwartz came out to perform some of her original songs. Man these people can sing!

This is Lucy with some of her back up musicians. Some random trivia, the guitarists last name is Cullen. Kinda cool!

Then we got to hear from Aqualung. He was not only a GREAT singer but he was a great entertainer. Totally making us all laugh and have a great time. He even got Lucy to dance around on stage for a little bit.

Then Lucy and Aqualung did their song from the soundtrack together "Cold" which I got some video of (when I realized my camera did video!) and will post some of those later!

Then of course the crowning feature...THE CAST!!!! They came out and did Q&A. Nikki was apparently still cold from being outside cause she still had her coat on...but under that was an awesome dress that she only showed for the press photos. ;)

And a few more close up shots of the cast on Stage: Charlie Bewley, who was quite hilarious. He got the audience responding a lot and was really loving the British accent...who can go wrong? Most memorable quote from him "The best part about being the only carnivorous vampire is...eating little girls." He talked about how it's always more fun to be the bad guy. He grabbed Ashely's neck at one point, like he did in New Moon. And talked about how it was joining the cast post first movie.

Peter and Nikki were very outgoing with the crowd answering questions. Peter especially. I was very impressed with how much time he took with people. He answered a question about what they (the actors) like about Twilight fans, and he simply said "Everything. We know when we are on set that we are making these films for you. We think about you all the time. If it weren't for you we wouldn't be here and we know that. We love, love, love our fans!" Then Ashely said "This has been the biggest crowd we've had so far, so thank you Salt Lake City!" That got a huge roar.

There was also some great moments between Nikki and Peter. Aparently Peter likes to accidentally beat up on Nikki on set. And my favorite story? Nikki saying "Taylor's going to hate me for this, but there's a part where Rosalie makes a dog bowl and writes Fido on it. Taylor was pronouncing it FEEdo." Then Peter said, "Yeah, that's funny cause for about the first week of filming Twilight he kept calling me Car-lisle (pronouncing the s)".

Jackson answered a lot of questions on stage, he played some piano (just a few notes) talked about his band and answered that they will be going on tour in Europe, and will be back in USA and specifically might hit SLC in 2013. He did some banter with Ashely. He did also say that the one scene he wishes they had filmed was Jasper and Alice meeting. So he and Ashely kinda acted something out about them meeting. It was pretty funny (My camera had died by then, I was SO sad!)

And of course the gorgeous Ashely! She answered one of the first questions, about what was hardest about being on set. And she said the getting up at 5 am for a 7 am casting call to go sit in hair and make-up for an hour and a half. All of them are there for a really long time, and most of them wear wigs, which takes even longer to place and get secure.

In this film there will be dancing at the wedding and I guess there's a really cool flip lift that Jasper and Alice do that they were the ones doing, not their stunt doubles. So be sure to look for that!

And since it is morning and my battery is charged, I can show you the signatures I got!!!

This is Nikki Reed on the top and Peter Facinelli on the bottom.

And this one is Chris Bewely on the top and Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone on the bottom. (Kinda cool I got them both on the same ticket!)

It was such an amazing AMAZING night! It totally got me pumped for the movie next week! I'm going to a 7 pm pre-show on the 17th! I am so so excited!

Later today, videos will come. I just know this post was long as it I want another excuse for you to come back to the blog. ;)


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Thanks so much for going with me. I want copies of ALL your pics! ;)

Ana Paula said...

HI!! Great pics! I'm from and I would like if I can post your pics of Jackson Rathbone on my site. You have more pics for share with us? Thanks already!!!

Aubrey said...

Ana you're welcome to grab the ones on here and if you e-mail me I'll respond with others I got a bunch. Just please give me credit and link back here. aubreyavalon at gmail dot com

Ana Paula said...

Thank you darling! I send one e-mail to you ok? Xoxo

Olivia Carter said...

I had a friend who invited me with an extra ticket. I wanted to go so bad, but then my sister-in-law had her baby and my set babysitter my mom-in-law. Boo. Looks like a blast!

Ratliffs said...

Awesome pictures!! I'm glad you got to go and have such a wonderful time!

Sara B. Larson said...

Man, now I'm even more sad about HIDDEN. Ashley was my perfect Ava. sigh... ;) Glad you had fun!!