Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Are There Feathers in My Hair?

This is me and my author bud Sara B. Larson waiting for our pre-showing of Breaking Dawn part 1! We got to see it at 7pm last night with 72 more of my friends and friends of friends (it's good to have a brother who is the manager of a movie theater!).

I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Like the book I think this will be a more polarizing movie for the fans. It is slower paced, has less action, and has less sexual tension because well there's just sex. ;) But as Breaking Dawn was one of my fave books in the series for several reasons, this movie did a good job adapting to the screen. There were definitely laugh out loud moments, moments of quiet reflection, and a few moments of action.

It is certainly for a more mature audience than some of the others. And there were some who saw an editing mistake for something rated PG-13...did anyone see it? I didn't but I wasn't looking at Bella...

So if you've seen it, what did you think?


Randi said...

I really liked it. Thought the acting was for some reason much more smooth than in the past. It followed the book pretty closely. I love it when a movie does that.