Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breaking Dawn Tour Videos

Before I get to the videos I had to share this picture of me. It is from the press, rights reserved for Megaplex Theaters, but that's me and my friend Teri there on the gate in the middle. I like this one cause you can see the crowd and really get a view of where we were!

I had to load these to youtube first because blogger was just NOT working! I was sad I didn't get some video of the red carpet...I totally forgot my camera did video. Sad, huh? But I hope you enjoy what's below!

First, here's the video of our local news coverage where you can see me talking to Nikki Reed while she's signing my ticket!!! But you have to click on the link for this one.

This is Aqualung singing one of his songs for us. (Sorry this one is so quiet)

This one is Lucy Schwartz doing her dancing and the beginning of a song with Aqualung

This is another part of that song from Lucy and Aqualung

And here's some of the Q&A stuff. This was them talking about getting into hair and make-up.

And this is them answering "What's the Funniest thing that happened on set?"

I hope you enjoy them!