Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Three (2)

1) This week I have been re-reading a book I read a long time ago. I don't re-read books often because there are always so many great ones I haven't read yet. But I do re-read occasionally. It is interesting to me what a new experience a book can be each time you return to it.

Do you find you like books more or less with a re-read?

For me it is a mix. Sometimes I relate to things or see things I didn't before, and that's exciting. Other times I am more critical of the author's style etc. because I have grown, learned more about writing etc.

2) Do you book club? I book club. One of my favorite things about book club is reading books I wouldn't have picked up. Not necisarrily because I think it's a bad book, but just because it's not on my immediate to read list. I also love book club discussions. It reminds me of being back in school in English classes.

What are some of your favorite book club books?

3) Who's excited for the Hunger Games Movie!? I sure am! I am working on getting an early showing (Thursday night) theater with a ton of friends. Right now we're up to 134 people! I cry every time I see the trailer. "I Volunteer!" Be still my heart! Just because I am so excited about it, here's the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Reading.


Anita said...

I've probably re-read a book about 5 times in my life! For the same reason you mention, there are so many books I'd like to read, that I go for a new one instead.

Two books that I've re-read were books on how to write, so they were more for knowledge than pleasure.

The Secret Life of Bees is on my list to read again. Actually, I listened to it the first time, so I'm wondering if the words will be as beautiful if I'm reading as opposed to listening.

I've been in book club about 6 years. And again, as you mentioned - I wanted to read books in a genre that I don't normally gravitate towards. It has worked out well, and the socializing is fun, too!

Oh...I might read The Hunger Games just because it is getting so much attention. I'm courious.