Monday, January 2, 2012

What Happened to Me Last Year/What I Plan This Year!

Well, as many of you know the biggest thing that happened to me last year was having a baby. That resulted in the loss of desire/time/brain power to read as much and thus review as much. Which then resulted in losing a lot of my publisher contacts. The year being crazy also resulted in my co-bloggers being busy and not posting as much as before. So again less posts on here.

So that's why things have been slower on here on both the review and give away front.

But, here is my New Year's promise/resolution to you.

I am still here. I may take longer to read books, be giving away not as much, but I am still here. I still want to share my love of books and what I am reading with you. So if you'll stick with me, I will bring you reviews as they come.

I am doing a bit of writing and wanting to get back into that more. So I'd really like to add some of that experience to this blog as well. Bring on the conversations! When people actually comment it encourages me to be on here more and to be a better blogger for you. Just sayin. ;)

Thanks to those of you who do follow me regularly and have stuck it out with me this year. Happy New Year to you all!