Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Look, New Year, WooHoo!

Hi everyone! I am SO SO pleased to bring you our new blog look! I hope you take the time to look around our tabs, use the search feature and get to know each of us a little better on our "About" page.

About a month and a half ago we hit our 1 year Blogiversary! Around the same time we hit 100 followers! I am so excited that we have been blogging and sharing our love of books with you for a year! You have all been a big part of my life...more than you know.

Thank you readers!

And a special shout out thanks to the publicists, agents, and authors who provide material, interviews and most of all friendship! You seriously don't know how much you have changed my life!

To my co-bloggers - thank you thank you for helping me get through my pile of books, for not getting mad when I send you nudge e-mails about posting reviews and for being my friends. I love you both dearly.

To my hubby - thank you immensely for the blog design! Your artistic genius always baffles me. I give you a vision of "kind of like this, but not too much like that" and you create wonders! Thank you for letting me spend hours reading when I should be cleaning the house.

Enjoy the layout! Later today I will post the first of my giveaways, and we also have some buttons coming that you can grab for your own sites. This month is all about you, and how much we love you! Seriously, be prepared for awesomeness!

*P.S. There was an issue with the scroll bars on the left side on Internet Explorer, so for now they are down. When the hubby comes home from work we will work on it again!


Heather Dixon said...

Ooo! Love the new look! Very clean and appealing.

Elie said...

I LOVE the purple. Looks fantastic. congrats.

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

New look=epic win! ;)

Eli said...

Love the new look! Purple is one of my favorite colors!! :)

Aubrey said...

Thanks guys! Heather, coming from you that is a big compliment! ;)

i'm erin. said...

Just beautiful!

Jena said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! Woo Hoo, congrats :)