Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review for FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan


by Sophie Jordan

Details: Hardcover, 336 pages
Published September 7th 2010 by Harper Teen

Placement in Pile: Reaching New Heights so close to Top Picks

Summary: With her rare ability to breathe fire, Jacinda is special even among the draki—the descendants of dragons who can shift between human and dragon forms. But when Jacinda’s rebelliousness leads her family to flee into the human world, she struggles to adapt, even as her draki spirit fades. The one thing that revives it is Will, whose family hunts her kind. Jacinda can’t resist getting closer to him, even though she knows she’s risking not only her life but the draki’s most closely guarded secret.

Review: I really enjoyed this book a lot. I was so close to giving it a Top Picks rating. There were just a few little writing details and some reptition that got a little old that kept me from it. This was such an interesting world that Sophie has created, and I love the history and world of the Draki's. The chemistry between Jacinda and Will is intense and awesome. The writing is very well done, you can feel the dryness and lifelessness of the desert right with Jacinda, along with the desperation she feels. I would highly recommend this book. I just have one question: when does the next one come out?! The ending leaves you hanging, that's for sure.


Sara said...

Great review! I will have to check this book out. As a side note, I really like the cover of this book.

Aubrey said...

Thanks Guin! And Sara I agree, I LOVE the cover!