Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Winner of Princess Pack!

Thanks again to everyone who entered our Princess Pack! This was a great giveaway. Later today the next giveaway will be announced, and I think it will be one that you all love! On to the winner, thanks to the random number generator!

The winner of the Princess Pack is:

The Library Lurker!

This time is a bit different, how about you send me on here in the comments or in e-mail your favorite candy bar and that is the chocolate I will include for ya okay? An, e-mail will be sent when the package is on it's way!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! We love all of our readers!


Dee (GoodChoiceReading) said...


The Library Lurker said...

Oh MY GOOOOSH! So, I saw this and was like, oh, cool I won a couple books, yay! But then I went back to look at WHAT I won, and I must say that I'm seriously freaking out right now! Thank you SO, SO, SO much for hosting this! I can't believe that I won. OH, and my favorite kind of chocolate is M&M's, is that okay?

Aubrey said...

So glad you're excited! ;) Yes M&Ms is just fine! ;)

I will send you an e-mail when it is in the mail!

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations, Library Lurker!